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Karen Wise 

Wise Psychology Services Inc.  Clinical Director
San Rafael, CA

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San Rafael, CA
Wise Psychology Services Inc.
Clinical Director

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I work with people who want to make change in their lives but feel stuck. I prioritize creating a safe and collaborative space to process past trauma, break destructive patterns, increase self worth, and improve relationships with others.

I have experience treating many common issues; such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. I especially enjoy working with neurodiverse adults and teens (with diagnoses like Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD) and their families. By understanding and connecting with "out of the box" thinkers I am able to help them better better understand their internal experiences and enrich their social interactions.


I also feel a deep connection with the addiction recovery community and work with individuals at any stage of change from problematic substance use. Individual therapy, community supports, and medication are all important ingredients for sustained recovery. Partners, parents, and children of those with addiction also find therapy beneficial to understand how to support their own emotional health and not fall into co-dependent patterns with their loved one.