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Tania M Miller 

Tania Mara Miller, Psy.D.  Psychologist
Mill Valley, CA

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Mill Valley, CA
Tania Mara Miller, Psy.D.
203 Flamingo Rd, #123
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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Psychologist 32189


In my work as an executive coach and psychologist I help clients achieve what they want to reach their full potential. My clients are intelligent, successful executives who value the chance to discuss issues they can’t reveal to others. I help them optimize work performance, communication, accurate self- and other-awareness and personal/professional fulfillment. Through our work, clients have been able to resolve challenging situations, build productive relationships, learn new ways to respond, and master complicated emotions and stress.

I have extensive experience reducing anxiety and depression as well as pain, illness and traumatic experience. My doctoral research was creating and implementing a new treatment for anxiety and depression. I received awards, presentations, and speaking engagements as well as extensive writing.

A nine-year postdoctoral certificate at New York University focused on getting to the deep roots of blocks to optimal functioning. I now integrate all my years of experience to help clients develop fulfillment, productivity, rewarding relationships, effective self-regulation, improved health, and to attain their peak potential.