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Art Raisman 

San Rafael, CA

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San Rafael, CA
5 Schaaf Court
San Rafael, CA 94901

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In 40 years of clinical practice I have come to think of what I do as a unique form of education. Psychotherapists "teach" not so much by telling people what to do (although good advice is often useful), but by helping clients to find the strength within themselves, and the needed support from those around them, to address the difficulties in their current lives in new and more effective ways. A therapeutic environment enables clients to develop a new way of understanding their life experiences that promotes higher self-esteem, increased capacity for intimacy, and greater effectiveness in work.

Reflecting on where we come from--our family, friendships, school and other life experiences--enables us to understand the narrative of how our lives unfold the way they do, and how the past remains alive in present-day thought, feeling and behavior.

In my clinical work, as in my teaching and supervision at UCSF and other institutions, I try to foster an attitude of curiosity about oneself and others, and deep respect and empathy for life's challenges and the efforts we make to face them.

Therapy Groups for Therapists: Four groups: Tuesday morning 10-11:30, Wednesday 12:15-1:45, Thursday 10-11:30, Thursday 12-1:30.

Adult Psychotherapy Groups: For high functioning men and women, including mental health professionals/trainees unable to attend the daytime group. Two groups--Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

All groups currently meeting on Zoom.