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April, 2021

Zoom Online Platform - zoom meeting location details emailed automatically upon registration
10:00 AM
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This two-hour talk will introduce providers to Dr. Frisch‘s method of character analytic interventions that effectively dis-mantle the obvious defenses in the room.

A model of understanding and treating panic disorder will be presented. This model is helps clients un-derstand panic and its treatment, is easily understood, is compatible with multiple therapeutic approaches, and has been used successfully with hundreds of clients.

Attendees will learn the five most common triggers for panic attacks and ways to reduce those triggers. They will learn four evidence-based interventions to help clients manage panic sensations.
Common fears about panic will be reviewed along with specific facts that can help relieve and refute those fears. Attendees will learn about interoceptive exposure, a proven technique to help clients lose their fear of panic sensations. In vivo exposure will also be described, including two ways of creating an exposure hierarchy. The use of virtual reality (VR) in treating panic disorder, especially panic disorder with agoraphobia, will be discussed.
Finally, composite case examples will be presented and there will be time for question and answer dis-cussion with the audience. Informal case consultation will be available as time allows.
This event will be held on Zoom. Please register and we'll send you a link to join the conversation.
4:00 PM
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As the pandemic drags on, and shows signs of winding down, new feelings may be emerging in us and our clients: social anxiety, grief, confusion, hope, relief, and many others. Join us for an informal conversation of how we are coping ourselves, and how we are supporting our clients during this time.