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About MCPA

The purpose of the Marin County Psychological Association (MCPA) is to promote human welfare through diffusion and utilization of psychological knowledge. In addition, it is our intention to increase public understanding of psychology as a science and as a profession.

A further goal is to promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education and training of psychologists. Finally, in addition to promoting fellowship among psychologists in Marin County, MCPA and its members seek to cooperate with other professionals and lay organizations in achieving mutual objectives.

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Welcome to the MCPA website!


We hope you find this website helpful!


For those interested in therapy, please click on the “Find A Psychologist” link. There you can conduct a personalized search using filters to find the right psychologist for you. 


If you are a psychologist, we encourage you to use this website as a professional resource and to check out the calendar for upcoming social and continuing education events. 

Deb Nelson, Psy.D.

MCPA President,

and the MCPA Board