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Annette Holloway, Psy.D.,
MCPA President,
and the MCPA Board.

The purpose of the Marin County Psychological Association (MCPA) is to promote human welfare through diffusion and utilization of psychological knowledge. In addition, it is our intention to increase public understanding of psychology as a science and as a profession.

A further goal is to promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education and training of psychologists. Finally, in addition to promoting fellowship among psychologists in Marin County, MCPA and its members seek to cooperate with other professionals and lay organizations in achieving mutual objectives.

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Search for a psychologist by name, city, zip or keyword. MCPA provides this listing service for licensed psychologists who are current association members. The people on the list have entered and have direct control over what is posted. MCPA does not verify this information. We hope this service helps you find an appropriate psychologist to fit your needs

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MCPA Board Members

Annette Holloway, Psy.D.
(415) 843-1453

Robbin Rockett, Psy.D.
(415) 888-8087

Robert Nemerovski, Psy.D.
(415) 272-3282

Barbara Nova, Ph.D.
(415) 233-3461

Keely Schlesinger, Psy.D.
(415) 873-8407

Brooke Jackson, Psy.D.
Membership Chair
(415) 527-5435

Anka Paine, Psy.D.
Continuing Education Co-Chair

Jennifer H. Rice, Ph.D.
Continuing Education Co-Chair

Nancy Haugen, Ph.D.
Disaster Mental Health Chair
(415) 492-1171

Deb Nelson, Psy.D.
Social Chair

Helga Fasching, Psy.D.
Diversity Chair
(415) 505-0799

Rick Pomfret, Psy.D.
Early Career Representative
(415) 963-3536

Beth Cooper Tabakin, Ph.D.
(415) 459-7707

Listserv Moderator

Student Representative