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Julie Maccarin 

Child Psychology Marin  Ph.D.
Corte Madera, CA
415- 785-3700

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Corte Madera, CA
415- 785-3700
Child Psychology Marin

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For many people, and maybe for you, part of choosing a therapist is finding someone who feels like a good "fit".  That means, someone who is able to see things from your perspective and understand why you have made the choices you have made in your life; someone who can understand your needs, feelings, desires and goals; someone who can see the way forward and someone who can help you find your way. Your gut may tell you that I am a good "fit" for you, or maybe, that I am not. Trust your gut! To help you make that determination, here is some background information about me: 


I have two degrees and two licenses. My Ph.D. in psychology is from New York University and my B.S. in occupational therapy is from Sargent College of Boston University. I have worked with individuals, couples, families and children in various settings and states (New York, New Jersey and North Carolina) before moving to Marin, California in 2017, so that I could live near my grandchildren. Yes, I am a grandmother. I am also a mother and a stepmother. I've personally experienced some life challenges, and have helped many others, both clients and people in my personal circle through their challenges. 


Most people know what psychology is, but many people do not have a good understanding of occupational therapy. Occupational Therapy (OT) addresses the problems that folks have in being able to function in the normal way they "occupy" themselves (hence the name "occupational" therapy). OT's help people who are having difficulty in their work life, home life or social life. OT's break things down into component parts and work piece by piece to build skills. Psychologists work from many different perspectives. My orientation is eclectic, which means that I use many different approaches and theories in my work, depending on the person in front of me and the issues that have brought them into therapy.  Using skills from both perspectives, I am able to help people with anxiety, depression, social and/or relationship difficulties and challenges in work or home life.