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Lisa Lukianoff 

Forest Knolls, CA

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Forest Knolls, CA

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Dr. Lukianoff writes about health and research on current trends in neuroscience including epigenetics, emotional intelligence, sports psychology, positive psychology, and resilience. This blog is intended to explore ideas, educate, entertain and expand one's understanding.

She received her doctorate in clinical psychology which included research and a dissertation publication in neuroscience examining mirror neurons and empathy. 

Currently, Dr. Lukianoff works part-time as a Psychological Associate (PSB 94026359), and previously, she worked as a clinical fellow specializing in behavioral medicine, biofeedback, CBT, psychotherapy, and health psychology treating trauma and chronic pain patients. She worked in a multidisciplinary medical group treating chronic pain patients. Her prior clinical psychotherapy experience as a psychotherapist included working with couples, individuals, and families.

Before her Psy.D., and concurrently while earning her doctorate and doing clinical work, Dr. Lukianoff worked in the private business sector as an HR and finance manager, and as a business financial consultant. 

​Dr. Lukianoff is based in San Francisco and Marin, California, USA.

Follow her on Twitter: @dr_lukianoff