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William Barton, MFT, PhD,
#18464 - Psychologist

Commonweal Building 3rd floor
451 Mesa Road
Bolinas CA 94924
415 868 3077


I have been in private practice in San Francisco and Marin for over 35 years and am closing my city practice in June of 2017, and opening my new office on the third floor of the Commonweal building at 451 Mesa Road in Bolinas.

My orientation to psychotherapy comes from my affiliation with Jungian contributions, and Existential and Humanistic perspectives.  My own therapists have all been Jungian. One was Joseph Henderson, a patient of Jung’s himself and a neighbor of mine for 17 years and more recently Dr. John Beebe. I believe each client can teach me something.  I respect his and her unique humanness as our starting point and carry that throughout our relationship. The client age range that I work with is 10 to 100. I do not do much couples work. I am active as a volunteer for trauma response to several organizations in Marin and am married with two sons.

Existential-Humanistic psychology draws from a romantic and philosophical lineage that emphasizes an individual’s subjective capacities for choice, free will, insight, compassion, love, and other qualities that give and bring meaning to one’s life.

I am on many insurance panels for psychotherapy and am an expert in the use of clinical biofeedback, which I use if it fits for a client for help with chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, panic, stress and tension, and insomnia. I was initially drawn to EEG training when I was struggling with my own inability to wind down and fall asleep easily.  I found my alpha training not as a cure but as a helpful, mindful technique that I could replicate daily for 10 to 20 minutes and found the practice helped later each night when shutting down for sleep. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


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