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Philip M. Alex Ph.D. Kamala Allen PhD
Geraldine Alpert PhD William Barton MFT, PhD,
Corey Bercun Ph.D. Ann Bernhardt Ph.D.
Martin Block Ph.D. Andrea Bronzo PsyD
Ann Buscho Ph.D. Laura Cabanski Dunning Ph.D.
Danielle Casden Ph.D. Deborah C. Clark Ph.D.
Tana Clark Ph.D. Valerie Crawford Ph.D.
Janice Cumming Ph.D. Sharon Cushman Ph. D.
Ralph Daniel Ph.D. Allison Danzig PhD
Tania Davidson PsyD Claire de Andrade Psy.D.
Diane Engelman Ph.D. Jodi Engstrom PsyD
Bert Faerstein Ph.D. Laura Fannon Psy.D.
Helga Fasching PsyD Joel Fay Psy.D.
Audrey Franklin Ph.D. Patricia Frisch Ph.D.
Christine Gazulis Ph.D. Laurie Goren PsyD
Nina Grayson PsyD Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Kate Gustin PhD Diane Harnish PhD
Meghan Harris Psy.D. Katharine Hatch Ph.D.
Nancy Haugen Ph.D. Sheryl Hausman Ph.D.
Nancy Hoffman Psy.D. Annette Holloway Psy.D.
A. Raja Hornstein Psy.D. Brooke Jackson Psy.D.
Dan Kalb PhD Ruth Kalb Ph.D.
Mark Kamena Ph.D., ABPP Haleh Kashani Ph.D.
Margot Kirschner PsyD Gretchen Kishbaugh Ph.D.
Dorothy ("DeLee") Lantz Ph.D. Julie Maccarin Ph.D.
Chloe Martin Ph.D. Jeffery Martin Ph.D.
Beverly Matsuishi Ph.D. Alexandra Matthews Ph.D.
Deb Nelson Psy.D. Robert Nemerovski Psy.D.
Summer Nipomnick PhD Barbara Nova Ph.D.
Robin OHeeron Ph.D. Annice Ormiston PsyD
Anka Paine PsyD Claudia Perez Ph.D.
Marly Perkins Ph.D. Jeremy Peterman PhD
Rick Pomfret Psy.D. Maria Jose Prieto PhD
Art Raisman Ph.D. Jennifer Rice Ph.D.
Robbin Rockett Psy. D Grace Rogers Ph.D.
Anne-Olivia Rose Psy.D. Frederick Rozendal Ph.D.
Tracy Ryaru Ph.D. Diana Sanborn Ph.D.
Todd Schirmer Ph.D. Roberta Seifert Ph.D.
Michelle Shariat-Hansen Psy.D Sandra Emma Shelley Ph.D.
Paula Sitelman Psy.D. Joan Steidinger Ph.D.
Alyssa Steiger Psy.D. Shelly Stolesen Ph.D.
Gary Stolzoff Ph.D. Diane Suffridge Ph.D.
Stephen Sulmeyer J.D., Ph.D. W. Keith Sutton Psy.D.
Laura Tabak Psy.D. Beth Cooper Tabakin Ph.D.
Ede Thomsen PhD Amy Torchia PsyD
John Weir Ph.D. Julie Wolfert Psy.D.
Mark Zaslav Ph.D. Jane Zich Ph.D.

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